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We've teamed up with some of our friends to bring you insights and success stories from across the healthcare spectrum.

From providers to payer partners, to people we think are just great people, we aim to bring you insights into how stakeholders across ancillary services are serving up first-class experiences for patients and customers.




REHABILITATION TODAY: Craig Peters of ReWalk Robotics discusses emerging cutting-edge technologies in the rehabilitation sector

Craig Peters is the Director of Sales at ReWalk Robotics, Inc. In this episode Craig describes:

  • How ReWalk Robotics came about, and strives to provide gait training, quality of life, and mobility for individuals with both upper and lower-limb disabilities 
  • The development, advancement, and refinement of ReWalk Robotics and the ReWalk Exoskeleton

REHABILITATION TODAY: Stan Smith from Paradigm Specialty Networks on Post-Acute Care and ensuring the highest standard of care is provided

Stan Smith is the Senior Vice President at Paradigm Specialty Networks. In this episode, he speaks with Kyle Walker to discuss:

  • Benefits to all individuals involved
  • Efficacy of services provided, and the levels of care
  • And much more!













Eric Ewig from EdgePT on keeping patients on track AND safe during a pandemic

Eric Ewig, MS, PT, is the CEO of EdgePT in Napa, California. He spoke with Bob Kroll, VP of Business Development for Physical Medicine at HOMELINK, about:

  • How he and his staff have kept personal relationships going when patients opt to use tele-rehab
  • Safety protocols for those patients who want to continue coming into the clinic
  • The future of tele-rehab in PT/OT
  • And much more!

Shari Huber and Mike Osler from Rock Valley PT - How Rock Valley PT Shifted Their Treatment Model to Benefit Adult and Child Patients

In this conversation, Bob Kroll was joined by Mike Osler, VP of Growth & Development, and Shari Huber, DPT, from Rock Valley PT, a therapist-owned practice with over 40 practice locations in Iowa and Illinois. In their conversation, they discussed:

  • Going from "Can we survive this?" to identifying a plan, executing it and seeing positive feedback
  • Using tele-rehab as a tool for treating both adults and children ("They think it's pretty cool!")
  • How therapists have to improvise with what patients have available in their homes for therapy
  • And much more!

Amy Crouse: Scaling Tele-rehab Across Nine States and 200 Clinics

PLUS: The Creative Side Effects of Tele-rehab

Amy Crouse from Results Physiotherapy dropped by to talk with Bob Kroll about how her company had to scale online PT/OT MASSIVELY across their clinics and patients. They also discuss:

  • Using basketballs, tennis balls, and whatever patients have at their houses for treatment
  • How to use creative lessons from tele-rehab as patients return to in-clinic treatment
  • The role of communication in tele-rehab and how messaging will change when talking with patients about their services.
  • And much more!

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