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Home Sleep Testing

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Supported by medical findings cited by CMS, Home Sleep Testing is replacing traditional costly facility studies.

You Gain Access to

A comprehensive program offering a cost-effective and time-sensitive solution for diagnosing and treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

A national network of providers to set up diagnostic studies and, if necessary, the auto-titrating CPAP.

Resupply service facilitated by HOMELINK.

Sleep Lab Study vs. HOMELINK Portable Home SLEEP Testing

 Sleep Lab StudyHOMELINK Portable Home Sleep Testing
ProcessNight spent at the sleep lab, numerous electrodes appliedDevice delivered, 3 or minimal sensors applied before bedtime
Time from Referral to Treatment2-12 weeks*2-5 days
Key DifferenceIdeal for seriously ill patients and complicated casesMore simple and less expensive
Billed Cost$1,600-$5,000$325-350**

*Lab studies often involve seeing a specialist first, waiting for insurance approval, waiting for lab availability, waiting for test results and a second in-lab study to determine CPAP pressure. **All sleep studies require physician ordering.

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