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Credentialing Information

HOMELINK is a National Provider Network. We contract with multiple insurance companies and other payer sources to provide in-network ancillary services.

Providing superior service is a cornerstone of our business. That’s why HOMELINK credentials our provider networks. This assures our payer partners have access to only the best providers in their patient's area. 

By joining the HOMELINK network, providers gain access to:

  • HOMELINK Direct Referrals -  HOMELINK’s primary referral sources include
    • Physicians’ offices
    • Hospital discharge planners
    • Insurance case managers and other providers
    • And the patient
  • Provider Direct Referrals -   HOMELINK is not only a referral source to in-network providers. We also afford the opportunity for providers to process out-of-network claims.

In order to become a credentialed HOMELINK provider, download the appropriate credentialing application below:

Mail, email or fax a completed and signed HOMELINK Credentialing Application to the HOMELINK Credentialing Department at the contact information outlined in the application. 

  • Experience the Difference:

  • Call (800) 482-1993 888-501-3591

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