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Physical Medicine

HOMELINK Physical Medicine provides you access to a national network of premier outpatient rehabilitation providers. Our network focuses on individualized and evidence-based treatment protocols, promoting a safe, timely, and cost-effective return to work and previous level of functioning.

Studies show physical therapy at the beginning of care results in lower costs and he reduced use of health care resources.*


  • Initial reports within 24 hours

  • Regular status updates

  • Estimated discharge date and number of anticipated visits

  • Prospectively staff 99.8% of referrals

Three steps to quicker recovery

1 Treatment recommendations based on professional practice guidelines, utilizing an innovative outcomes program by CareConnections. These recommendations are provided to the claims professional for approval.

2 Experienced therapists work closely with providers throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure treatment is functionally based and medically necessary. Peer reviewers monitor ongoing functional progress, pain reports and fear-avoidance behaviors.  

3 Patient non-compliance with the treatment is promptly reported to the claims professional. Outcomes are consistently monitored to ensure providers exceed industry standards.

  • Relentlessly Good slogan
  • Call (800) 482-1993

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