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Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced Imaging (MRI, CT & PET) and Electro Diagnostics (EMG, NCS & EEG)

HOMELINK Diagnostic Imaging expedites quality treatment, enabling prompt diagnosis and reduced disability duration. Using fundamentals found within value-based medicine, your members will receive high-quality, coordinated, and efficient care.

HOMELINK Diagnostic Imaging offers

  • ACR-accredited imaging centers with board-certified, sub-specialty trained readers.
  • Prompt scheduling and reporting to the referral source.
  • Positive member contact within 24 hours.
  • Reporting within 48 hours of study.
  • Unmatched level of customer service and support.

Our Result

Timely, accurate diagnostic tests that improve outcomes and lower costs per claim.

  • Relentlessly Good slogan
  • Call (800) 482-1993

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