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Hearing Health Care

HOMELINK’s Hearing Health Care brings clinical expertise and oversight to hearing claims, ensuring medical necessity is met, not exceeded. With over 5,000 providers across the country, HOMELINK’s Hearing Health Care offers you one of the most extensive networks and the strongest savings in the industry.

Cost Containment Strategies

Audiological Review Process

HOMELINK simultaneously provides the proper device to the patient and cost savings to the payer.

Repair vs. Replace

FDA requires that hearing aid manufacturers repair all hearing aids with original parts for at least five years, eliminating the fictitious need to replace hearing aids every three years.

Value Bundle Pricing

Your price includes the cost of hearing aids, one year of provider services, ear molds, a three-year warranty program, and five years of batteries.


A dedicated patient care coordinator follows your member through all levels of care, supporting the member from beginning to end.

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