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Notice of Privacy Practices/Privacy Complaints

The PHI (protected health information) contained on this secure website is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL. It is to be used only to aid in coordinating health care services for patients.

Any other use is a violation of state and federal privacy laws (HIPAA) and will be reported as such.

Any complaints or concerns can be reported to the Privacy Officer at 1-866-575-8483 or emailed to

Written complaints may be submitted to Corporate Security and Compliance, Attention: Privacy Officer, 1111 Van Miller Way, Waterloo, Iowa, 50701.

Notice of Privacy Policy Practices - English

Notice of Privacy Policy Practices - Spanish

You may request a paper copy of the Notice of Privacy Policy Practices, free of charge, by contacting Corporate Security and Compliance, at 1-866-575-8483

Notice of Change Healthcare, Inc. Security Incident

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