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With firmly planted roots in the durable medical equipment (DME) industry and powered by relationships with over 17,800 providers and manufacturers, HOMELINK is without question the leader in DME/O&P/Supplies. With the help of experts who are intimately involved in every aspect of the industry from regulation to equipment manufacturing, you will not find another provider network as insightful as HOMELINK.

HOMELINK’S Review Process provides cost containment solutions for

  • Manual & power wheelchairs
  • Pneumatic compression devices
  • Bone growth stimulators
  • Electromedical
  • Medical supplies
  • Prosthetics

A Closer Look at the Processes

Prosthetic Review

The purpose of the HOMELINK prosthetic management process is to ensure medical appropriateness and management of medical expenses associated with the dispensing of prosthetic devices. Our prosthetic patient care coordinators (PCCs) work hand-in-hand with our clinical review team and staff prosthetists. Each prosthetic device ordered is assessed and evaluated to confirm the patient receives the device they need and no unnecessary additions are included. 

Miscellaneous Code Management

A dedicated team reviews all miscellaneous codes for proper usage, establishing a clear picture of utilization is obtained.


Focuses on patient compliance with rental equipment and supplies through a defined follow-up workflow monitoring utilization. If a patient is no longer using the equipment or supplies, HOMELINK notifies the claims professional and establishes next steps. 


By exercising strict business rules, our rent-to-purchase program spots costly overbilling once the purchase price of a product has been met by the cumulative rental payments.


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