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Experience the Best Overall Savings and Outcomes in Dental Claim Management

Easy 4-Step Dental Referral Process

1 Incoming Referrals

Customers Submit Referrals in one of the Following Methods:

  • Telephone
  • Online
  • Fax
  • Email

2 Dental Assessment

A Dental Assessment is Scheduled with a General Dentist.

  • Dentist assesses injury
  • Dentist performs palliative treatment when necessary
  • Dentist documents findings on HOMELINK’s assessment form

3 Treatment Plan

Dentist Submits the Treatment Plan and Findings to HOMELINK.

  • HOMELINK performs a review of the treatment plan and dentist’s findings
  • Treatment recommendations with findings are sent to the payer for review and approval

4 Treatment Management

Treatment Appointments are Managed by HOMELINK to Completion of Treatment Plan(s).

  • Day prior/after appointment confirmations
  • Treatment plan changes
  • Management of multiple providers and/or treatment plans
  • Claims handlers provide progress updates and/or treatment plan changes following each visit

Services Include:

  • Injury assessment and treatment
  • Treatment plan review and oversight
  • Transfer of treatment management
  • Peer-to-peer reviews
  • Experience the Difference:

  • Call (800) 482-1993

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