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Transportation & Language


HOMELINK’s Transportation Program centers around a proven philosophy of high-touch workflows. These workflows ensure you receive friendly, efficient, and affordable service when HOMELINK coordinates your patients’ logistic needs. 

Controlled Access

Controlling the access points and scheduling through HOMELINK reduces aberrant events and improves patient experience, limiting variabilities and increasing compliance.

Reduced Friction

The only rule in workers’ compensation is everything is an exception. Our pre-trip assessments pair patients with the best mode of transportation. A simple process that makes sure your patient’s trip starts off right.

Active Monitoring

We monitor trips and reschedule/switch drivers when circumstances require. After each trip, we contact the patient and make sure everything was to their satisfaction.


On-site and telephonic interpretation services include coverage of medical appointments and certified interpreters for legal mediations and court hearings.

Language Services 

  • Hundreds of languages, including American Sign Language
  • Transcription services
  • Certified legal and medical interpreters

Document Translation

  • Medical and legal documents
  • Correspondence
  • Video interpreting 


  • Relentlessly Good slogan
  • Call (800) 482-1993

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