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At HOMELINK, dedicated associates are available to PERSONALLY HANDLE EACH CALL and follow up before and after trips to ensure optimal success. There's a reason HOMELINK is the preferred provider for numerous Insurance Medical Exam and workers' compensation companies across the nation.

HOMELINK maps out each trip to provide you with the type of transportation that meets your clients' needs at the lowest possible price.

Coordinated enough trips to go around the world 54 times

  • HOMELINK handles coordination of referrals.
  • Strict credentialing on all network providers
  • Specific to rideshare companies, HOMELINK facilitates:
    • DMV checks
    • Routine driver background checks
    • Regular vehicle inspections

HOMELINK's Transportation Program centers around a proven philosophy that ensures you receive FRIENDLY, EFFICIENT AND AFFORDABLE SERVICE when HOMELINK coordinates the logistics for your injured workers'/patients' transportation needs.

  • Reliable Pick-ups
  • Clear Pricing
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Safety
Image with text saying Up to 30% Savings with RIDESHARE
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Image with text saying Dedicated Associates Personally Handle Every Call
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Image with text saying Complete logistics coordination
Image with text saying 99.45% Customer Satisfaction
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Image Rideshare Savings Graphic for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia

HOMELINK’s innovative thinking creates unmatched savings and minimizes your cost for transporting injured workers. Our relationship with UBER and Lyft, as a supplement to traditional transportation channels, creates additional opportunities to capture SAVINGS OF NEARLY 30%.


HOMELINK'S Language Program

Text bubbles showing translation services

HOMELINK offers on-site and telephonic interpretation services for medical appointments and certified interpreters for legal mediations and court hearings.

  • Document translation

  • Access to hundreds of languages

  • Experience the Difference:

  • Call (800) 482-1993 888-501-3591

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