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With over 5,000 providers across the country, HOMELINK supports one of the most extensive hearing healthcare networks in the nation.

Unique to HOMELINK Hearing Healthcare is the transparency payers receive with quarterly reporting of key data to show care quality, patient satisfaction and adherence to care direction. This shows HOMELINK’s ability to lower ongoing costs and provide the right care at the right time.

HOMELINK Hearing Healthcare Program’s Distinctive Cost Containment Strategies Include:

  • 1Audiological Review Process

    A process that ensures meeting, not exceeding, medical necessity. HOMELINK is able to provide the proper device to the patient while providing cost savings to the payer.

    Image with text saying $2,200 per order, $11,000 per lifetime savings
  • 2Replacement of Hearing Aids After Five Years

    HOMELINK follows the FDA requirement that hearing aid manufacturers repair all hearing aids with original parts for at least five years. The first three years are covered under manufacturer warranty. In year four, the cost is typically less than $450 and includes a one-year repair warranty.

    Icon image clock and calendar with text saying 5 years
  • 3Value Bundling Pricing

    Pricing includes cost of hearing aids plus free shipping, one year of provider services, ear molds, a three-year warranty program (manufacture warranty and one-time loss and damage), three years of batteries, all with the option to HOMELINK’s Annual Maintenance Program, which covers all provider services and in-office parts for only $175.

    Image with text saying $300 average cost savings
  • 4Operations & Transitions

    One HOMELINK patient care coordinator is assigned to follow a patient through all levels of care. This work flow supports patients from beginning to end.

    Icon image of person being circled with text saying total support
  • HHC Direct Discount Program

    We do more than just workers’ compensation. HOMELINK Hearing Healthcare can work directly with you, your employer or member to create a custom discount hearing aid program. Leveraging our relationships, developed by our Workers’ Compensation Program, we can help you realize discounts of 20-40%.

  • Experience the Difference:

  • Call (800) 482-1993 888-501-3591

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