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NWCDC 2019 Recap

Service Quality Over Everything

“So what’s new?”

If you attended the 2019 edition of the National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference in Las Vegas you undoubtedly heard this question. We certainly did.

Look, there are a lot of new, exciting things going on in workers' compensation. But the thing we heard most about in  meetings and booth conversations wasn’t a new type of therapy or service line.

It was customer service.

Payers and providers alike want an ancillary service provider they can trust and build a trusting relationship with. They want someone who will be real and transparent with them. They want a partner who isn't going to leave them hanging in urgent situations, and will jump in to find a solution when things don’t go as planned.

Comprehensive service offerings, network coverage and cost containment are still important. They are "must haves." But they must be delivered on top of a solid foundation of trust and reliability.

Before the show, we focused on one question: “Why is now the best time to talk with HOMELINK?”

The feedback our team received at NWCDC 2019 answers the question, and gives insight into broader industry trends and the importance of this event.


Matt Waller, SVP of Sales & Marketing

“This year’s NWC show was extremely valuable. Having the opportunity to meet with dozens of people representing payers across the country, hands down the one thing that stood out most to me was their high level of interest in learning about HOMELINK’s integration of Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) to enhance the experience of both the payer and the patient.”

Mike Isaacson, VP of Business Development

“Technology has enhanced communication, connectivity, and efficiency, but there is still no substitute for face-to-face discussions about solutions in the healthcare world!  Trust, reliability, and relationship building still require old fashioned, in-person communication.

It was refreshing to hear from so many current partners.  The feedback on the ‘HOMELINK way’ as one partner put it continues to focus on exceptional customer service and uncompromising work ethic.  Nearly everyone I talked to referenced a great experience they had with one of our Patient Care Coordinators; many of them gave me the PCC’s name.  It’s great to hear firsthand the positive impact our folks have on our partners every day!”

Bill DiLemme, National Account Executive

“The common theme consistent was customer service.  This is something I hear regularly in my travels, from small, mid-sized prospects to national TPAs.  Cost containment is still important, but customer service trumps cost in most of my discussions. I am finding payers want to learn more about NPS and how it affects overall customer experiences.”

Melodie Maerz, Au.D, VP of Hearing Healthcare

“Adjusters expressed appreciation for the education HOMELINK provides, such as explaining the differences in types of hearing aids and how these digital devices work over the normal lifespan of five years. They also pointed out how the quick response of the team at HOMELINK allows them to focus on their desk full of files. And, as HOMELINK Staff Audiologist, I can provide guidance when an adjuster has an urgent request for other types of hearing services, i.e. cochlear implants or tinnitus management systems.”

Vicky McCulley, National Account Manager

“I met with three different clients that we currently do business with. All of them asked how we can increase business in other lines of services. One wanted to know how our dental program worked, and another asked for our step-by-step process for home health. The trend I saw is that our current clients love what we are doing and trust us enough to provide them the tools to help.”

Michelle Anderson, Director of Account Management

“We had meetings taking place at all times in  our booth and sometimes had people backed up waiting to connect to discuss continued partnerships and enhancing relationships.  After almost 21 years with HOMELINK, our values and core beliefs continue to be the reason we grow partnerships and meaningful relationships.

“’We can count on you,’ ‘HOMELINK’s level of service validates our decision to do business with you time and time again,’ and ‘HOMELINK consistently executes and takes full responsibility’ are a few of the comments I heard last week. It’s always great to know we continue to make impactful, meaningful experiences for and with our partners!”

Josh Willms, National Account Executive

“I met with a lot of current clients, whether it was ensuring we were meeting expectations or looking into adding other lines of business. There continues to be exploratory conversations around PT and diagnostic imaging. Dental services are also gaining some interest, and being somewhat new to the industry, education is a critical piece to the puzzle.”

Cindy Langston, National Account Executive

“Clients are looking for vendors that can deliver great service consistently and are quick with issue resolution; we’re hyper-focused on both. They want complete transparency, early notification when something goes south, workflow customization and, when needed, a dedicated team or contact.

Rideshare and more comprehensive critical care offerings were big service lines of interest. We hit the nail on the head for all these. 2020 will be a remarkable year for us with so many doors opening up!”

Shannon Kofta, AVP of Marketing

“Current and prospective clients all desire a partnership with people who are willing and able to roll their sleeves up and get to work. There is appreciation in knowing how we operate which is with a message engrained in all of us from the top down that ‘there’s no such thing as too much customer service.’ Cultivating this mentality results in a better patient experience and helps to get them back to their best quality of life.”

Wayne Whipps, National Account Executive

“The NWCDC is a great place to meet with existing accounts or meet new prospects in a single location spread over two or three days. It was a great experience to meet people face to face, learn about their business, listen to their issues and see what solutions we can offer to help.”

Mark Ferrare, National Account Executive

“My theology has always been to do what’s best and what’s right for the customer or prospect. This was once again a common theme from potential payer partners at NWCDC 2019. I believe the workers’ compensation industry is moving to a model of quality built around payers and vendor partners having open dialogue, strong relationships and differentiators that will last for a long and fruitful relationship.”

Jill Waddle, VP of Client Relations

“Attending the NWCDC each year continues to provide a perfect platform to reconnect with current partners, build new relationships with potential clients and to keep abreast of the latest industry trends. The common question I heard while walking the exhibit hall, in between meetings and in meetings themselves was ‘what is new?’

I continue to be amazed at the impact the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation continues to make in the industry. Kudos to the amazing women and men who support and inspire the many events that have popped up over the past few years.” 

Sonja Thomas, National Account Executive

“It was a great experience as usual. The relationships with long-standing and potential clients was amazing! I was pleased that many current clients visited our booth and spent some time with us. I hope we can continue talking with them about our services at HOMELINK.”

Vince Scoma, National Account Executive

“In meetings with payers before and during NWCDC 2019, I’ve been told that service will always make or break the relationship with ancillary service providers, but also that some automation to support the relationship is beneficial! From hearing this repeatedly, I believe that we’re in a people-trust relationship with our clients, and that this is a wider industry trend.”

Bob Kroll, VP of Business Development, HOMELINK Therapy Network

“Whether meeting with established payer and provider partners, or new prospects, the common themes were timely access to care, communication, customer service and how all stakeholders need to remain focused on the common goal of function and return to work. When these are addressed, cost containment will follow.”

Tom Moody, National Account Executive

“With the mergers and acquisitions occurring in the ancillary services space, payer partners are looking for consistency in services when it comes to choosing a vendor. They are looking for ease of use and a reliable partner that will deliver the service they expect to assist their staff and injured workers in achieving the best possible outcome for returning the employee to work.  The quality of service they receive is at the center of everything and is the key component in realizing this goal.”

Whitney Gerst, National Account Manager

"We live in a world and work in an industry where change is constant and inevitable. Naturally, a lot of conversations were surrounding new and exciting innovations, including technology enhancements or the efficiencies gained on strategic relationships. I’m eager to see it all unfold.

However, no matter how much we evolve, the lingering feeling of the experience remains. I loved sharing about how we’ve successfully operationalized our customer service feedback to maintain continuous improvement in our interactions."

Seeking a change in the ancillary services provider? Looking to keep your options open for change going into 2020?

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