Submit Your Referral

Provider Direct Orders

Have you ever had to turn down a referral because you were out-of-network? Do referral sources call your competitors because they take orders you can't? Homelink can help.

The process is very straightforward.

  • A provider can call, fax or e-mail a referral into Homelink (we have pre-printed intake forms if you need them.)
  • Homelink staff will call, fax or e-mail you back if we need additional demographic information in order to process the order. 
  • With all of the necessary information we will call the insurance company to verify benefits, start pre-certification, etc.
  • If it is determined Homelink is an in-network provider or can coordinate the billing and;
    • services or equipment have already been provided, we will fax an order confirmation, with reimbursement rates for you to sign.
    • the service or equipment has not been provided, Homelink staff will call you to review rates before sending the order confirmation.  If you agree with our terms, you can proceed with the order.  If you do not agree to pricing, we give you the option to “take it back” or turn it over to Homelink, in which case we will attempt to locate another provider to set up the equipment.
  • If Homelink is not in network, we will notify you and give you the option to take it the order back and bill it yourself, turn down the order completely or have Homelink process it and get paid out of network.
  • Homelink will confirm delivery and retrieve physician orders, etc.
  • We then bill both the insurance company and the patient portion and reimburse the provider based on the insurance company payment.

In order to participate in this process you must meet Homelink's credentialing requirements.