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Referral Partner Contracts

What are Referral Partner Contracts?

The insurance companies listed are all which consider HOMELINK a participating or in-network provider for at least some of the plans that they offer. HOMELINK does not have direct contracts with every company listed, and therefore may not be considered in-network for ALL plans offered by these companies. To verify whether HOMELINK is participating with a particular health plan, please call us at 800-482-1993.

How this benefits your company:

Enables your organization to accept referrals from multiple National Referral Partner List Contracts on a local level. If you receive a referral for a patient that your organization is not directly contracted with, but is insured by one of HOMELINK’s contracts:

Call HOMELINK (Group Health 1-800-482-1993 or Work Comp/Auto 1-800-571-2943) with the patient's information and service needed. HOMELINK will inform you of the reimbursement for requested services, and verify benefits with the insurance/payer source. (We will also inform you of patient’s deductible and/or co-pay (if applicable).

Bills need to be sent to HOMELINK for in-network coverage. If you wish to provide the service or product, you will need to bill HOMELINK to be considered in-network with the payor source. (Do not bill the Insurance/payer directly. HOMELINK may charge administration fee to dealer if bill goes directly to payer.) This means you must call in each referral so HOMELINK can enter patient information into our system, verify benefits and negotiate rates. Thank you for your continued interest in working with HOMELINK. If you need further assistance, please contact the Marketing/Contracting Department at 800-482-1993.