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Case Managers and Adjusters

HOMELINK ® 's patient placement process is designed to make your life easier; you make one phone call to 1-800-482-1993 (Group Health) or 1-800-571-2943 (Work Comp/Auto), and our Patient Care Coordinators do the rest. There is never a charge to case managers and adjusters using HOMELINK services. Our procedures can be customized for each client. Here's how HOMELINK works for you:

  • Call HOMELINK at 1-800-482-1993 (Group Health) or 1-800-571-2943 (Work Comp/Auto) or for quicker response use one of the dedicated staff numbers listed in our contact list.
  • Provide your HOMELINK staff member with patient information, medical information and specific equipment/services needed.
  • HOMELINK will verify the patient's benefits with the insurance company when necessary.
  • Contact the provider to arrange for services needed by the patient.
  • Contact the case manager with expected delivery time and confirmed price.
  • Follow up with the patient to ensure quality service was received.
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